We make plastics circular

Most plastic waste is either incinerated or ends up in a landfill: globally, less than 20% of plastic produced gets recycled. More and more people are expressing their concerns about plastic pollution, and governments, companies and consumers are taking action.

Pryme seeks to contribute to a meaningful solution to the global plastic waste problem by enabling the circularity of plastic. We convert plastic waste into valuable petrochemical products using a proven pyrolysis process that is enhanced with proprietary characteristics and has a low carbon footprint.

Our first plant in Rotterdam will start production in 2022. Once it is operational, we will begin an ambitious roll-out process to realize the enormous potential of our technology through a combination of owned-operated plants and licensing to strategic partners.

13+ years of recycling-focused R&D

Pryme’s roots go back to 2008, when our founder, Johannes van der Endt, invested in an industrial process that converts waste into useful material. After many years of research, the company has developed an efficient and reliable technology capable of transforming large quantities of plastic waste into petrochemical products.



Start research on reactors and feedstock

2010 – 2011

First tests

First lab tests with 5L reactor and with feedstock


Pilot setup and testing

2014 – 2017

Wind down due to low oil prices

2018 - now

first industrial-scale plant

Engineering and permitting of first industrial-scale plant in Rotterdam


Start construction

Capital raise and start construction of first plan


Start of production

Start of production of first plant


Find the outline of our organisation & legal structure below.

Articles of association

Experienced, professional team

An ambitious team of professionals with many years of experience in the industrial sector has laid the foundations of our company. New appointments are underway to consolidate our foundations and help steer our business forward.

Christopher Hervé

Christopher Hervé


Rik van meirhaeghe

Rik Van Meirhaeghe

Executive director

Boudewijn van vliet

Boudewijn van Vliet

Executive director

Caroline Lievens

Caroline Lievens

R&D manager

Wim Van den Broeck

Wim Van den Broeck

Build Director

Stephan Anzenhofer

Stephan Anzenhofer


Leslie Christiaansen

Leslie Christiaansen

Finance manager

Sander Schiereck

Sander Schiereck

Plant Manager

Joeri Dieltjens

Joeri Dieltjens


Pascal Spiekerman

Pascal Spiekerman

HSEQ Director

Supervisory Board

Our experienced board members bring a valuable perspective on governance and strategy.

Henning E Jensen

Henning E. Jensen

Independent Board Member, Chairman

Michiel Kool

Michiel Kool

Member of the board

Jos van der Endt

Jos van der Endt

Board Member, Founder

White backgr

Jan Willem Muller

Board Member

Pryme hires new plant and rollout managers to help fuel growth


With the construction of its first plastic waste conversion plant at full speed, Pryme has hired seasoned plant and rollout managers to ensure successful operations.

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New hires of the Pryme team