Teaming up for change

To achieve our ambition of making plastics circular, we believe in the need for collaboration throughout the value chain. We are putting in place several strategic partnerships, both on the supply side of plastic waste, and on the product side with petrochemical companies and with consumer brands. On a practical level, we can help companies assume responsibility to make end-of-life plastics circular.

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Building our plant

From Q2 2022 onwards, Pryme will convert end-of-life plastics into valuable petrochemical products through chemical recycling at its first commercial plant, which is currently under construction at the Plant One site in Rotterdam. The plant will have an initial intake capacity of 40,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year and produce 30,000 tonnes of oil. This capacity will be increased by 50% in 2023.

This plant will be a stepping stone to the further rollout of our technology. Together with our strategic partners, we aim to realize our ambition to create significant production capacity in a number of different European locations by 2025.

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“Chemical recycling technology needs to reach a scale that motivates plastic waste suppliers to invest in better collection and sorting systems and that motivates the downstream petrochemical players to embrace pyrolysis output.”
Rik Van Meirhaeghe, Executive Director and CTO

Extending our reach in Europe

At the end of 2021, Pryme will select five European locations and start the permitting process to build more plants. Based on a joint learning curve that will come with the production and logistics of the first plant, strategic partners will have a prime position in the rollout.

The capacity of these plants will be based on multiples of 150,000 tonnes of intake per year, and form the basic setup of a typical Pryme plant.

Growth and timelines

Licensing plant design and technology

As a complement to our owned-operated plants in Europe, we will look for ways to leverage our technology – and increase our global reach – through licensing agreements with strategic partners.